This is a learning assessment course for elementary school students who do not speak English as a first language. It is based on a grade 3 literary assessment administered by a major province of Canada. The purpose of this assessment is to identify individual strengths and areas of improvement. Students will need: The assessment is […]

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+カナダ留学について1時間の無料ビデオ相談 In this course, you will learn about a high school English placement exam in a major province of Canada and will take a shortened version of the exam.カナダへの留学を目指して真面目に一生懸命頑張るあなたのために、カナダの小・中・高校教育レベルを反映したアセスメントテストを用意しました。実際にカナダで使用されているアセスメントテストを日本の生徒用に少しだけ修正したものです。 Canadian students are not required to write exams to enter high school. However, tests in some provinces help determine whether students should take academic (university preparation)

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