Story Elements

A story has important parts, or elements. Let’s look at them and talk about the story “Cinderella”:
(Story には Elementsと呼ばれる大切なものがあります。シンデレラのストーリーからElementsを見てみましょう。)

1. Characters

Most stories have two important characters: a protagonist, or the main character, and an antagonist, the character against the protagonist.


In the story “Cinderella”, for example, Cinderella is the protagonist and her stepmother and stepsisters are the antagonists.


2. Setting

Setting is:

  • When and (いつ)
  • Where   (どこ)

The setting of “Cinderella” is a long time ago in a country with a king.

3. Plot

The plot is the flow of a story, or the main happenings. The plot for Cinderella is:

Long ago, a kind girl, Cinderella, lived with her mean stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella had to clean, sew and cook all day. One day, everyone went to a ball, but Cinderella had to work. Luckily, a magic godmother came. She gave Cinderella a beautiful dress and sent her to the ball. There, Cinderella met a prince. They danced together and had a wonderful time, but Cinderella had to leave suddenly. The prince was sad. He didn’t know who she was, but he found her slipper. With the slipper, he found Cinderella. Then, the prince and Cinderella married and lived happily ever after.