Critical Thinking Unit 9

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Unit 9 Don’t Oversimplify

Life is complex. We can’t always find easy solutions to our problems. We need to be careful not to just look for easy answers to our questions. 

We can find interesting examples from medicine. Humans have observed illness and recognized the dangers of disease for thousands of years. Just like humans today, they wanted to do something about it. Long ago, people believed that disease was caused by too much blood in the body. Because of this belief, they practiced bloodletting – letting blood out of the body of a sick person. If you had a fever, for instance, a doctor may poke a hole in an artery and let out a litre of your blood. Bloodletting was used for many different sicknesses: fevers, the plague, epilepsy and more. 

These doctors oversimplified the problem. They used a simple answer to a complex problem.