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Unit 10 Consider Other Interpretations

In critical thinking, you need to examine your own claims and beliefs carefully. In particular, you need to consider other interpretations. We can’t just answer a question with the first good idea we can think of. We need to think of as many reasons as we can and then choose the best one – the one with the best evidence. 

For instance, we can observe a positive relationship between foot size and IQ score. People with larger feet have higher intelligence. Why? Before we claim longer feet make us smart, we need to look at other interpretations. Here’s one: maybe being smart makes our feet longer. This doesn’t sound right. How would our brain power affect the size of our feet? Let’s ask ourselves a question: who has long feet? Basketball players… tall people… adults!

Adults have longer feet than children. They also have more experience and a fully developed brain. Longer feet don’t likely cause us to be intelligent. We have found a new claim with more evidence: life experience and fully developed brains cause us to be intelligent. 

Good luck!